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by Moshe Shweiger

Partial Derivation of Lorentz Transformation
by Moshe Shweiger
  In 2013 I was privileged to watch online a series of lectures on the
special and general theories of relativity given by a Professor of
theoretical physics at Stanford University - Professor Leonard
Susskind. Among the various topics covered, Professor Susskind
derived "the Lorentz transformation equation" by transmitting light
signals from one person to another.

I proposed to Professor Susskind a simpler method which was based
strictly on the congruency of triangles. I emailed to him my diagram
with the geometrical proof. Professor Susskind was so delighted by
my approach that he responded just thirty-seven minutes later with
the comment, "Great! That is definitely simpler than what I did. With
your permission, I will use it in the future."

Here is my diagram and simpler derivation I sent him on 8/12/2013:


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